Creativity in Piano Tuning, as Shared by McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft

If you love music and especially enjoy learning everything there is about pianos, but cannot seem to support yourself by performing, consider piano tuning as a career instead! While you might not assume that there is room for creativity and talent in a job like piano tuning, this career option requires far more use of your performance abilities than you might realize and allows for lots of creative expression, as was recently shared with us by the piano restoration pros at McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft.



What’s Needed for Professional Piano Tuning

The piano tuning pros at McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft explained that many piano owners today are turning to the internet for online tutorial videos and using store-bought electronic equipment to help them tune their instruments. While this process might offer some benefit when it comes to restoring the sound of a piano to its proper tune, there is no substitute for high-quality professional piano tuning!


One reason to invest in a piano tuning contractor is that electronic equipment is no substitute for the trained ear of a performer and someone who has been around pianos for years. Electronic equipment might read the frequency of sound but cannot discern the depth of the notes produced given the room in which a piano is stored, or tell you what needs to be done to create the exact tone and pitch desired.


A musician also typically has a greater understanding of the function of all the parts under a piano lid, and how they all work together to create certain notes. He or she might also better appreciate the delicacy needed to tune a piano properly, without overstretching wires or failing to tighten them as needed. A piano tuning professional makes quick work of proper tuning without the risk of damage to any parts under the lid!



Creativity in Piano Tuning

Along with professionalism and skill, there is also some creativity needed for piano tuning and what is called voicing. Voicing refers to adjusting sound tone, whether that’s a deeper or higher, crisper note. During tuning services, a piano restoration expert will often strike each key repeatedly just to test the sound produced, but might then also work with the piano owner to adjust those notes and tones!


As an example, someone who plays lots of classical music might prefer a higher-pitched, brighter tone, whereas a piano in a church or funeral home might be used to play more somber music, requiring a deeper tone. A piano repair expert who enjoys performing themselves is often better qualified to work with the piano owner to create those tones and produce a sound they prefer.


Piano repair and restoration also require creativity and a love of playing! As you work to repair damaged parts or completely rebuild a classic piano, you will often play various songs or parts of songs, testing your work as you go. While this process of repair or restoration might not be quite the same as performing in a concert hall in front of a packed audience but it does allow you to use your creativity and artistry while still earning a living!



For the Love of Pianos

Many professional musicians have a love of their chosen instrument and enjoy learning about the various makes and models, what other performers in history used those same instruments, the differences between them, and so much more. A piano player is often no different; he or she often knows the history of Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Schimmel, and many other world-renowned brands, and understands the various pros and cons of grand, baby grand, upright, and other piano models.


This love of the instrument itself often makes piano players well-suited for the job of piano repair and restoration, while they also get to surround themselves with many of those beautiful instruments every single day! A piano player who appreciates fine instruments or knows the differences between those brands and models will appreciate and enjoy restoring them to their original condition.


At Artists Who Thrive, we appreciate hearing so much about pianos from McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft and the creativity and artistry needed for piano tuning, repair, and restoration. If you’re a piano player looking for an excellent way to express your creativity, why not consider a career in piano tuning as well, so you’re always around your beloved instrument, have a chance to express your talents, and can then become an artist who thrives!

The Creativity of Plaster Ceiling Repair in New Jersey

Plaster ceiling repair for New Jersey homes and businesses might not seem very artistic but the plaster restoration experts at New Jersey Plastering have quite a story to tell when it comes to creativity in their trade! Plaster installation and repair is more involved than most people probably realize and repairing ceilings, especially in the New Jersey area, requires a tremendous amount of artistry and creativity.



Learning About Plaster Ceiling Repair in New Jersey


To better understand the creativity of plaster ceiling repair for New Jersey structures, it’s good to understand plaster as a building material itself. Unlike drywall and other such structural materials, plaster is not made in solid pieces and then screwed or nailed to a structure’s framework.


Instead, plaster application starts with a wood lath, or strips of wood that form a basis for plaster. This material is then mixed onsite and applied in layers while still wet. A layer first dries and hardens before another layer is applied, so that plaster is built up to a desired thickness.


As the material is applied while wet, a plaster installation contractor can work it around odd corners, creating curved shapes or square edges without the risk of gaps between pieces, as might happen with drywall. The final layer of plaster might be feathered or otherwise textured, for added visual interest along walls and ceilings. The plaster is then typically painted as desired.



The Artistry of Plaster Ceiling Repair in New Jersey


Along with working plaster around corners and other odd spaces in a room, the material’s soft structure allows a plaster installation contractor to create any number of designs along its surface. Molds, stamps, and other tools are pressed into plaster, to form ceiling medallions, crown molding, and other such details.


While these added details are one reason many homeowners and commercial property owners prefer plaster over other materials, they’re also difficult to work around when it’s time for plaster ceiling repair for New Jersey structures! A crack running through a ceiling medallion cannot simply be patched over, as it’s then necessary to recreate that medallion design along the repaired area.


The plaster repair experts at New Jersey Plastering note that they might take molds of undamaged sections of decorative plaster and then use those molds to reshape and reform repaired plaster sections. Even when using molds, they also need to rely on their own artistic

Creative Interior Painting in Kansas City by The Kansas City House Painters


Interior painting for a Kansas City home or business might not seem like a creative endeavor, but as the professionals at The Kansas City House Painters explain, there is more talent and artistry needed for this trade than meets the eye! Interior painting involves more than just rolling paint onto walls and ceilings, and using one’s creativity and artistry is an excellent choice for ensuring your work stands out and for expressing that artistic side!



Artistry in Interior Painting in Kansas City


The first step in interior painting in Kansas City is lots of prep, including cleaning, sanding, marking off boundaries, and other such work. The pros at The Kansas City House Painters explain that these steps are much simpler and more enjoyable when you see walls and ceilings as your canvas, needing your fine attention before you apply your artistic flair with paint!


While some painting jobs are somewhat simple, The Kansas City House Painters explain that some homeowners and business owners want far more than just plain white walls and ceilings. This is where their artistry comes into play, and where they can truly express their creativity!


As an example of using creativity for interior painting in Kansas City, The Kansas City House Painters discuss how they created slight stripes along one homeowner’s walls simply by using the same color but in a flat and gloss base. High-gloss paints create a shiny, reflective look, while flat paints provide a more matte and deep finish. By alternating the two finishes, The Kansas City House Painters created subtle stripes that gave the wall depth and dimension.


Another popular option for interior painting in Kansas City homes is an accent wall, or one dominant wall painted in a bold color. This is especially popular in bedrooms, as the accent wall provides a great backdrop for the bed, or in bathrooms with a soaking tub.


The pros at The Kansas City House Painters note that they often work with homeowners to help choose the best color for an accent wall, taking into account furnishings, linens, the home’s overall style, the look a homeowner wants to achieve, and other such factors. Creativity and talent are key in these situations, as homeowners rely on their painting pros for recommendations and to ensure they apply the best paint for the look they want!


Creating Artistic Opportunities With Interior Painting in Kansas City

Sarasota Landscaping & Design, Bringing Artistry to Landscape Design in Sarasota, FL

Landscape design for Sarasota area properties is an excellent way to showcase artistry and talent, as the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design prove! Landscaping design Sarasota requires an understanding of color, balance, shapes, textures, and many other concepts used in various artwork mediums. Check out a bit more information about art in landscape design in Sarasota, FL and how the contractors at Sarasota Landscaping & Design express their art in their work on a daily basis.


Landscape Design in Sarasota as Art


Residential and commercial landscaping is about much more than just planting flowers and hedges, as the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design understand. There are many important components of landscaping design for Sarasota, FL properties, including:

  • Color complement and balance. When choosing flowers and blooming shrubs, consider how colors need to complement and balance each other. Red roses next to purple lilacs might be too many flowers in the red color family, while white roses allow those purple lilacs to stand out!
  • Shapes. Rounded shrubs behind plantings of rounded grasses, along with flowers with rounded buds are far too much of the same shape! Box hedges help offset rounded grasses while a variety of blooms also ensure those beautiful flowers don’t blend into the shapes around them.
  • Texture. Hardscape elements, meaning those made of brick, stone, wood, and other solid non-growing materials, help add texture to landscaping, allowing flowers and grasses to stand out.
  • Layering. The pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design explained that landscape design for Sarasota properties is set out in layers of three; there is a backdrop of some sort, be that a structure, fence, or hedges, then a medium-size feature in front of that backdrop, and then smaller flowers or other plantings or even mulch in front of that second feature. Layering landscaping features ensure no plants or hardscaping features blend in with one another and get lost!
  • Layering also ensures that flowers and other features don’t blend in with a home or commercial structure. For example, red roses in front of a red brick house might simply disappear, but an added layer of shrubs, tall grasses or other such features provide color contrast, allowing flowers to command attention.

Even with this short bit of information, it’s easy to see how landscape design in Sarasota is a form of art, using the same details that you would when painting a picture!

Artistry in Landscape Design in Sarasota, Florida

The experts at Sarasota Landscaping & Design explained how they use their own artistry and talents when considering landscape design in Sarasota. After inspecting a property and soil conditions, taking measurements, and other such practical steps, the landscape contractors at Sarasota Landscaping & Design then consider the best colors and heights of various landscape features.

After considering colors, the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design note the texture of plants and a property and if it will need hardscaping, such as edging or pavers. Height, shape, and other such details of landscape features are also considered, and plans are drawn up.

Those plans also get as many revisions as needed to ensure the end result is a stunning property the owners love! Before a single flower or shrub is planted or a hardscape feature is installed, Sarasota Landscaping & Design reviews and revises those plans repeatedly, ensuring they end up with nothing less than a true work of art. We love offering our landscape design tips!

At Artists Who Thrive, we appreciate hearing about the work of Sarasota Landscaping & Design and learning about artistic landscape design in Sarasota. We hope their story is inspiring to other landscape design companies as well as artists of all trades, as bringing your talents and creativity to your industry is an excellent way to become an artist who thrives!