Sell Your Art Without Selling Out

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Now You Have A Choice

A. Submit to The Art Establishment

1. Create a body of work and hope you can just show it.

2. Lose confidence by seeking permission.

3. Your success will be limited to your representation.

4. Get paid 50% later, less discounts.

5. Make art for art's sake for fickle critics to reject.

6. Deliver vague value and confuse your market.

7. Earn an MFA from a top art school, if you can.

8. Barriers of entry to the art market, many.

9. You don't own a platform. What fans?

10. Build their artistic enterprise.

B. Join The New Creative Class

1. Create value above and beyond your art and sell it.

2. Earn confidence by taking focused action.

3. Your success is shaped by your knowledge and efforts.

4. Get paid 100% up front, no discounts.

5. Make art inspired by a personal mission.

6. Deliver clear value above and beyond your art. 

7. Earn an MFA, if you want.

8. Barriers of entry to the art market, none.

9. Own your platform. Connect to your fans.

10. Build your artistic enterprise.

The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester


These artists were competing. Now they're creating.

Kate Bradley

Kate used to compete to show her portraits paintings.

Now she's on a mission to help children feel unconditional love.

By getting to know a child and expressing their individuality in their portrait, she helps parents celebrate a fleeting childhood.

Colleen Attara

Colleen used to compete to show her eco-art.

Now she's on a mission to remind us that we, like the earth, are fragile.

By sewing together discarded fragments of words and images into treasures of hope, she reminds us to care for our environment and ourselves.

Anne Vernon

Anne used to compete to show her figurative paintings.

Now she's on a mission to help people unblock their emotions.

By using hypnosis to conduct a past life regression, clearing the emotional block, then creating a portrait of them in that former life.

Jenny McGee

Jenny used to compete to show her mixed-media paintings.

Now she's on a mission to help people express their love.

By using someone's "love list" to inspire art, she helps people express their love to another so that each of them can really feel it.

Want to Make Art And Make A Good Living?

"Traditional business plans do not work for artists.
Why? Because we sell emotions."
-Ann Rea

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Shannon Kaye (designer) San Francisco

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Thank you again for your wisdom, candor, enthusiasm, and general kick ass attitude!

Rebecca Roman (fashion designer) Oakland

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Thanks again Ann for helping me so much. You have a made a big difference in my approach to my art. Your services are invaluable.
I am waking up!

Santiago (fine art illustrator) Las Vegas

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After years of frustration, finally speaking to someone that totally 'gets it' on so many levels almost had me in tears of joy.

Daneil Barrett (music producer) Austin

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I am shocked by how good it has been for my art to define a target audience. There's a clarity and freedom.
So fun! So freeing. So clear.

Pamala Wamala (Artist) Lowell

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I am glad the material is not time sensitive. My life is full with family, art business, and commitments. I’ve been studying marketing for artists for several years and your program is by far the most in-depth I have found. I’ve had some powerful insights.

Aime Miyamoto (Painter) San Diego

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You have been a big inspiration to me Ann. You are a genius and major pioneering prophet to the artists of the world who are ready for inner and outer prosperity.

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