Tune into Make MONEY Making Art at Creative LIVE March 10th and 11th



Calling all Artists Who THRIVE!

If you’ve been sitting on your hands thinking about pulling the trigger on a one-on-one coaching application, applying for The MAKING Art Making MONEY Course, or thinking about booking a phone consultation but you have just not been ready to invest in yourself, I have something for you.

Over the past couple months I have been collaborating with the producers at Creative LIVE to deliver a two-day, live, on-line course for FREE

If you can’t make it or if you want to review it; no problem. Get anytime access for $79.

I’m spilling all the beans for two days straight. Those who enroll will be receiving an electronic copy of “SELL YOUR ART without Selling Out, 101 Rules.”

And those who purchase the course will receive an electronic copy of the course book called “Make MONEY Making Art, 50-Step Action Plan.”

Successful artists who I have coached will be appearing and talking about their successes, failures, and big fat lessons learned.

If you want to Make MONEY Making Art someday, let me tell you. Someday is today.

Enrollments are already off the charts.

So get on it. Buy the course. Find a friend and go through the exercises in the “Make MONEY Making Art, 50-Step Action Plan” together.

“We do not succeed alone.” That’s one of the things I share in my most recent interview with the lovely Kenna Klosterman, host at Creative LIVE. Tune in here…

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Did you enjoy this article?
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  1. Stephen says


    I signed up a couple weeks ago but not certain how to “attend” the presentation. Also how does one join the Creative Live chat room and find a Master Mind partner?


    Stephen Bryer
    The Urban Artisan

  2. says

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. Have been reading through your e-book and I love it! Precisely the journey I’m on. Thank you in advance for putting this together!

  3. Kaye says

    Hey! I’m looking forward to your program on Creative Live next week! I’ve watched a few programs on that platform, it’s such a great new resource! (Dr. Pedram Shojai, Dr. Cobb for vision). Also the e-copy of your book!! Gracias amiga! -Wishing you well, from Kaye here in Ecuador!

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