THE most popular Creative LIVE business course is currently “Make Money Making Art”



I very proud to say that my Creative LIVE course is the most popular business course in their current catalog, and I’m in the company of courses delivered by several NYT best selling business authors who I admire.

My experience with Creative LIVE is proof positive that we do not succeed alone.

It takes a tremendous amount of coordinated effort and cooperative talent to co-create this kind of quality broadcast.

One that reached a virtual stadium full of artists.

This success points directly to number seven of the eight-point credo for Artists Who THRIVE.

“7. RELATIONSHIPS equal revenue. Our success is shared.”  

Sometimes we are working so very hard on honing our creative talent or trying to grow our artistic enterprise that we forget two things.

  1. We don’t have to go it alone.
  2. We can ask for help.

So I’m inviting you to do a little exercise.

Engage the power of your imagination.

Celebrate your future success by counting all of the people who will be involved in helping you manifest it.

Have fun. Play with this.

I’ll lead with my most recent example at Creative LIVE.

Here’s a “partial” list of those who made a vital contribution to the success of “Make Money Making Art.”

  • The drivers who picked me up and dropped me off on time.
  • My Creative LIVE producer who brainstormed with me to help me craft the course, while having loads of fun.
  • The sound guy who kept checking that my mike was still taped to me and wasn’t falling down my dress.
  • The in-studio audience who where so open and vulnerable about their successes and struggles on live camera.
  • The people who prepared and served our delicious meals and snacks.
  • The Artists Who THRIVE who I have coached, who conferenced in from across the country to generously share all that they have learned.
  • The hair and make up stylist who helped make me look my best.
  • Artists around the globe who chimed in on the chat room to ask me questions.
  • Two gracious and experienced hosts who helped the live broadcast flow seamlessly.
  • The technical and production team whose various expertise I can’t even begin name.
  • The social media facilitator who engaged the live online audience.
  • The audience to purchased the course and who are now taking meaningful action.
  • The host who helped while she interviewed me before the broadcast so that people could know more about me and why I created the course.
  • The creative talent who crafted the course promotional graphics and copy.
  • The audience who took the time to review the course.
  • The artists who took the initiative to find an accountability partner, a mastermind, to complete the 50-Step Action Plan that comes with the course.
  • The founders of Creative LIVE who had the courage and fortitude to pursue their vision to create a positive disruptive educational model.
  • All of the creators of the social media channels and technology who made it possible, going back to before Thomas Edison.

There is no way I can name everyone who played a hand in this success.

As you can see, I could go on for days acknowledging and appreciating these direct and indirect collective contributions.

The point is that this. This is not my success. This is “our” success.

Take action now. Imagine a specific future success with your artistic enterprise and the relationships that will help you get there.

Who will you count on the list of people who are going to help you accomplish your specific success?

Make a list.

There is power in the present moment.

Energy and focus fades.

If you do this now, right now, you will plant the seeds for your success.  

(Ann Rea is a nationally recognized artist and the creator and instructor of an intimate, live, online, foundational eight-week business course for artists called MAKING Art Making MONEY. Rea’s book “SELL YOUR ART without Selling Out, 101 Rules” is now available on Amazon.)


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Did you enjoy this article?
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    So glad to hear this Ann! I watched the course live and loved every single second of it. Your knowledge and willingness to share is truly inspirational. I have a mastermind partner and am firmly headed down the road that leads to THRIVING! Thank you

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