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Today’s Artists Who Thrive

Have you ever heard the phrase “starving artist”? In times past, this phrase was often used to describe artists struggling to earn a living through their work, often creating paintings and other craftwork that they then tried to sell at fairs and festivals or even on street corners! Along with painters and creators, musicians often also struggled to find ways to both perform and earn a living.

While someone with an artistic streak might enjoy that type of creative process, there is sometimes little means to earn an actual living in such a way of life. As with people in all industries, artists have found the need to adjust to the changing times and new ways to express their creativity.

Why We Showcase Artists Who Thrive

Here at Artists Who Thrive, we know that many contractors and tradespersons are proud of their artistic abilities and of how they include their creativity in the work offered to their clients, which is why we’re proud to showcase their work as well! It’s our hope that readers and visitors to our site develop a deeper appreciation for those contractors and tradespersons who ensure their work is just as creative as it is functional.

It’s also our hope that other craftsperson and contractors follow suit and see their industry as an opportunity to express their own creative flair! Adding an artistic touch and bringing your passion for art, music, and other creative expressions is an excellent way to allow your work to stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, we hope that “starving” artists see the opportunities they have to express their artistic abilities in today’s contracting and trade industries. Repairing musical instruments, offering custom painting work to homeowners, and other such everyday trades might not be quite the same as performing in a concert hall or creating portraits on canvas, but these opportunities allow you to express your artistic abilities every single day.

For our website readers, thank you again for visiting and we hope you bookmark our site and stop back often. We always encourage tradespersons and contractors to share their experiences with us, so you’re sure to find something new every single day while reading about today’s Artists Who Thrive!

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