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Sarasota Landscaping & Design

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Sarasota Landscaping & Design, Bringing Artistry to Landscape Design in Sarasota, FL

Landscape design for Sarasota area properties is an excellent way to showcase artistry and talent, as the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design prove! Landscaping design Sarasota requires an understanding of color, balance, shapes, textures, and many other concepts used in various artwork mediums. Check out a bit more information about art in landscape design in Sarasota, FL and how the contractors at Sarasota Landscaping & Design express their art in their work on a daily basis.


Landscape Design in Sarasota as Art


Residential and commercial landscaping is about much more than just planting flowers and hedges, as the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design understand. There are many important components of landscaping design for Sarasota, FL properties, including:

  • Color complement and balance. When choosing flowers and blooming shrubs, consider how colors need to complement and balance each other. Red roses next to purple lilacs might be too many flowers in the red color family, while white roses allow those purple lilacs to stand out!
  • Shapes. Rounded shrubs behind plantings of rounded grasses, along with flowers with rounded buds are far too much of the same shape! Box hedges help offset rounded grasses while a variety of blooms also ensure those beautiful flowers don’t blend into the shapes around them.
  • Texture. Hardscape elements, meaning those made of brick, stone, wood, and other solid non-growing materials, help add texture to landscaping, allowing flowers and grasses to stand out.
  • Layering. The pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design explained that landscape design for Sarasota properties is set out in layers of three; there is a backdrop of some sort, be that a structure, fence, or hedges, then a medium-size feature in front of that backdrop, and then smaller flowers or other plantings or even mulch in front of that second feature. Layering landscaping features ensure no plants or hardscaping features blend in with one another and get lost!
  • Layering also ensures that flowers and other features don’t blend in with a home or commercial structure. For example, red roses in front of a red brick house might simply disappear, but an added layer of shrubs, tall grasses or other such features provide color contrast, allowing flowers to command attention.

Even with this short bit of information, it’s easy to see how landscape design in Sarasota is a form of art, using the same details that you would when painting a picture!

Artistry in Landscape Design in Sarasota, Florida

The experts at Sarasota Landscaping & Design explained how they use their own artistry and talents when considering landscape design in Sarasota. After inspecting a property and soil conditions, taking measurements, and other such practical steps, the landscape contractors at Sarasota Landscaping & Design then consider the best colors and heights of various landscape features.

After considering colors, the pros at Sarasota Landscaping & Design note the texture of plants and a property and if it will need hardscaping, such as edging or pavers. Height, shape, and other such details of landscape features are also considered, and plans are drawn up.

Those plans also get as many revisions as needed to ensure the end result is a stunning property the owners love! Before a single flower or shrub is planted or a hardscape feature is installed, Sarasota Landscaping & Design reviews and revises those plans repeatedly, ensuring they end up with nothing less than a true work of art. We love offering our landscape design tips!

At Artists Who Thrive, we appreciate hearing about the work of Sarasota Landscaping & Design and learning about artistic landscape design in Sarasota. We hope their story is inspiring to other landscape design companies as well as artists of all trades, as bringing your talents and creativity to your industry is an excellent way to become an artist who thrives!

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