• 1. What if you knew who wanted to buy your art and why?

    Even if you don't like marketing and and/or you think it's boring.

  • 2. What if you stopped trying to sell yourself, and your art, yet your art sales increased?

    Even if you don't believe that's possible but you really wish that it was true.

  • 3. What if you didn't need a current body of work?

    Even if you've been told that you need a body of work before you can sell anything.

  • 4. What if you knew what to charge for your art?

    Even if you're not always confident in your pricing and you sometimes discount.

  • 5. What if you had an expert mentor and a supportive community?

    Even if you haven't been able to find an experienced artist mentor and/or a supportive community of artists.

  • "What will I get when I enroll?"

  • Community Support

    You'll meet Study Partners via live video calls so that you won’t have to go it alone. You might even make a few new friends.

  • Gain In-Depth Specialized Expertise

    You gain access to in-depth expertise specifically for artists seeking to build a creative enterprise, with 8 courses, 135 lessons and lectures, and on-going weekly live trainings.

  • Access for An Entire Year

    You’ll get on-going access for an entire year! If some reason you need longer, you may extend your annual membership.

  • Direct Access to Ann Rea

    You’ll have direct access to Ann Rea through our private FaceBook group.

  • Private Meeting with Ann Rea

    You’ll get a private one-on-one phone consultation with Ann Rea after you have completed the courses and passed The Knowledge Check.

  • 6. What if you could learn at your own pace and according to your schedule?

    Even if you're really busy and you think that you can't take on one more thing.

  • 7. What if you were twice as confident in your art and yourself?

    Even if you've struggled with confidence for a long time.

  • 8. What if you knew how to genuinely connect with wealthy collectors?

    Even if you're a bit intimidated and or you're afraid of coming off as a kiss ass.

  • 9. What if you knew what to focus on and when?

    Even if you've struggled to meet your goals and/or you have trouble with focusing and prioritizing.

  • 10. What if you could be free of perfectionism yet maintain high standards of quality?

    Even if that's the way you've always been and/or you believe the best artists are all perfectionists.

  • What else will I get when I enroll?

  • Live Weekly Meetings

    You’ll have access to on-going live on-line trainings that cover nine topics where you can ask Ann Rea questions. Trainings are recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

  • Study Anywhere 24/7/365 Days of the Year

    You can study anytime, anywhere with on-line access.

  • No Pressure

    You can learn according to your schedule, no pressure, no deadlines. You have access for entire year. Plenty of time!

  • Access to Vital Tools

    You’ll get five vital tools to build your creative enterprise including: The Vision Shaper, The MAKING Art Making MONEY One-Page Plan, The Fan Plan, The Art of the Start Grid, and The Milestone Map.

  • Learn From Other Leading Experts

    You’ll learn from twelve leading experts in: Creative Productivity, Social Media Marketing, Productivity, Stress Reduction, Copyright Law, Copyright Principles, Branding, Creative Business Building, Online Sales, Business Growth, Attaining Goals, and Networking.

The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester

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  • Robin Jorgensen (fine art painter) Dallas
    The process does work! I've had some major ah ha moments and gained an understanding of myself and the things that have happened to me, like never before. I struggled at first but then I basically told my brain to just be quiet and I quit trying to connect the dots between my purpose, my mission and my art.
    Robin Jorgensen (fine art painter) Dallas
  • Shannon Kaye (designer) San Francisco
    Thank you again for your wisdom, candor, enthusiasm, and general kick ass attitude!
    Shannon Kaye (designer) San Francisco
  • Santiago (fine art illustrator) Las Vegas
    After years of frustration, finally speaking to someone that totally 'gets it' on so many levels almost had me in tears of joy. Really!
    Santiago (fine art illustrator) Las Vegas
  • Daneil Barrett (music producer) Austin
    I am shocked by how good it has been for my art to define a target audience. There's a clarity and freedom. So fun! So freeing. So clear.
    Daneil Barrett (music producer) Austin
  • Pamela Wamala  (Artist) Lowell
    I am glad the material is not time sensitive. My life is full with family, art business, and commitments. I’ve been studying marketing for artists for several years and your program is by far the most in-depth I have found. I’ve had some powerful insights.
    Pamela Wamala (Artist) Lowell
  • Aime Miyamoto (Painter) San Diego
    You have been a big inspiration to me Ann. You are a genius and major pioneering prophet to the artists of the world who are ready for inner and outer prosperity.
    Aime Miyamoto (Painter) San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

No risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

1. Is The Semester for all types of creatives?

Yes. These fundamental eight courses apply to all creative enterprises. I have over a decade of experience teaching thousands of artists across the globe, including:

•Abstract Painters


•Fabric Designers

•Jewelry Designers


•Live Event Painters

•Mixed Media Artists



•Portrait Painters


2. What if I don't think I can focus on one more thing?

Gaining focus is the whole point of The Semester. So if you are struggling with focus, The Semester is designed to give you focus. And focused action yields confidence.

3. Do I need a cohesive body of artwork before I apply?

You do not need to create a cohesive "body of work" before you apply.

Knowing your unique value proposition and target market will inspire you to create with focused confidence.

Would you develop a product line and then go to business school? ;)

Although it's best if you have some experience selling your art, it is not a requirement.

4. What if I want to first talk to Ann?

If you would like to chat, I invite you to book a phone consultation here.

 5) Will I have direct access to Ann?

Unlike most on-line courses, you will have direct access to me.answer every question posted in our private FaceBook group.

Either I or a seasoned student answers questions posted in our private FaceBook group.

Once you have completed the courses and passed your Knowledge Check, you'll get a private one-on-one 50-minute call with me, worth $250.




6) Is The Semester like Ann’s Creative Live courses?

My Creative Live courses are a great value and they provide an excellent study primer but The Semester has much more. What? Unlike Creative Live you:

  • are not on your own
  • have Study Partners to meet with live via video calls
  • will be encouraged to take action on selling your art
  • gain access to new content on an on-going basis
  • get a much deeper dive into lessons
  • The Semester does not end

7) What's the schedule? When does it start?

The Semester starts as soon as you are enrolled.

The Semester is self-paced and it currently includes an entire year of membership.

So you can go according to your schedule and your pace.

No pressure. No deadlines.

Because by finding your own rhythm and pace you will become more focused, productive, and self-confident. Your “Study Partners” can help you remain accountable.

My students determine their own schedule by:

  1. examining their existing commitments and energy level and making an honest assessment
  2. determining an optimal time to move through the lessons
  3. scheduling a standing appointment and actually placing it on their calendar
  4. starting their appointment on time and ending on time to avoid overwhelm

8) What is included in The Semester?

  1. you get to go at your own pace and according to your schedule because The Semester does not end 
  2. 8 courses with 135 lessons and lectures that cover each realm of building a creative enterprise
  3. exclusive access to a global artist community of Study Partners
  4. 8 weekly live recorded on-line meetings
  5. direct access to Ann Rea via our private FaceBook group
  6. private access to Ann Rea during a private 50-minute phone consultation
  7. a Knowledge Check review upon completion
  8. 30-day money back guarantee 

9) Do you have art critiques?

No. We focus on the objective business of you selling your art. We do not focus on subjective art critiques of your art so you may not post your art in our private Facebook community.

10) What are the requirements to graduate?

You will officially graduate once you have passed your Knowledge Check earned back your tuition investment through the sale of your art.

PS If you are receiving a Professional Development Grant or you're are receiving employer-sponsored tuition and you need an invoice, just ask. 


  • Ann Rea, Artist & Founder of Artists Who THRIVE
    Are you ready to help yourself? Then I'm ready to help you.
    Ann Rea, Artist & Founder of Artists Who THRIVE

The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester

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