About us

About Artists Who Thrive

At Artists Who Thrive, we take pride in showcasing local businesspersons and contractors who allow their creativity to shine through at whatever they do. We work diligently to review submissions from other contractors and creative people who thrive in their industry, and to ensure they receive the support they deserve for the artistry they bring to their work.

Who We Are

The team here at Artists Who Thrive is proud to call this place home and happy to showcase their own talent here on our site! To better familiarize yourself with our work, check out our team members and how we all operate together.


Reggie Jensen is our editor-in-chief, and the man behind the vision for Artists Who Thrive. Reggie always had an interest in home renovation and improvement while also working in website design, and realized he had a chance to bring these two passions together with the Artists Who Thrive website!


While working on his own home improvement projects, Reggie realized that there was plenty of opportunity for creativity and artistry, adding his own personal touches to various projects on his property and those of his neighbors and friends. Knowing that a bit of creativity and customization is what makes a contractor’s work stand out, Reggie decided to showcase such artistry online.


Veronica Mason is the head of our content team, and her job entails carefully reviewing entries submitted by local contractors and tradespersons, finding just the right story to share on our site. Veronica and her team work diligently to double-check the submissions we receive every day, including supportive photos and other media that showcase local Artists Who Thrive!


Rounding out our team are Kevin and Joanna Stage, husband and wife web developers and designers as well as entrepreneurs. Kevin and Joanna operate their own home renovation company, so they understand the challenges faced by tradespersons and appreciate those who rise above those challenges to ensure a personal and artistic job, each and every time.

Our Mission

At Artists Who Thrive, our mission is to continuously provide an outlet to showcase local talents and tradespersons, and those who express creativity through their work. It is our hope that we inspire artists to find financially successful ways to express their art and creativity, while also encouraging contractors and tradespersons to bring their own personal flair to their client base.


Artists Who Thrive believes that the world is better off with a little bit of art and creativity and that everyone thrives as individuals when they express their own artistry in everything they do. Whether it’s painting homes, working with musical instruments, landscaping, interior design or even kitchen renovation work, there is always an opportunity to bring artistry to whatever you do.


Thank you for stopping by and meeting our team, and we hope you revisit our page often. We also hope you take some inspiration from the contractors and tradespersons we showcase here, and feel free to send in your own story of joining the community of today’s Artists Who Thrive!