How to Get Featured on Artists Who Thrive!

Are you a contractor or tradesperson with an artistic and creative flair? Are you an artist who has decided to bring your talent and abilities to an everyday trade? If so, we want to hear from you!


Here at Artists Who Thrive, it is our mission to showcase as many talented tradespersons and contractors as possible, offering them a window of opportunity for showcasing their work and artistry. We enjoy hearing of new companies forming or of self-employed contractors and tradespersons deciding to use their talents in their respective industries. Bringing some creativity to otherwise mundane trades such as painting and home repair ensures that a person’s work stands out while also giving otherwise starving artists a means to express themselves!

What We Look For

Here at Artists Who Thrive, we don’t operate like other trade magazine and websites, accepting advertising dollars from every general contractor or company in return for a spot on our site. Instead, we only showcase those contractors and tradespersons who pride themselves on their creativity and artistry and the individual talents they showcase through their work.


While we at Artists Who Thrive don’t turn down any particular trade or industry, we are most interested in hearing from, and showcasing the talents of, those who work in the following fields:

  • Musical instrument repair
  • Musical instruction
  • Landscaping, including hardscaping
  • Window replacement
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Pool installation
  • Plaster repair and renovation

  • Residential property management
  • Retail store management
  • Restaurant management
  • Home building
  • Real estate sales
  • Hotel renovation

If you think your industry or trade should be included in this list, please drop us a line and tell us why! We’re always interested in hearing how additional trades and industries benefit from individual artistry and creativity.

How to Get Featured

To get featured on our blog, it’s requested that you submit a summation, between 350 and 750 words, of your work, explaining a bit about your industry overall. Be sure to include as many details about how you bring artistry and creativity to your craft every single day, and why you feel that using your artistic talents in your trade is vital and has benefited your customers.


It’s also good to include just a brief summation of your own background, including schooling and early interest in certain artistic endeavors or trades. Tell us why you choose the career or industry you did, and how you blend your love of creativity with your particular line of work.


We can’t promise that every submission shows up on our blog, as our creative team has very high standards for chosen stories. However, we always encourage everyone with an artistic flair to keep plying their trade and keep showcasing their talents, so you too can become one of those Artists Who Thrive!