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Thanks for your interest in Artists Who Thrive. We hope you enjoy your time on our website and are eager to return, to read more stories about contractors and tradespersons who use their artistry in their industry.

We also hope that struggling artists are inspired to investigate creative yet practical outlets for their talents and vision. Landscaping, painting, instrument repair, and other such professions allow you to express your talents while also providing a practical service homeowners need!

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Here at Artists Who Thrive, we’re always looking for new stories of tradespersons with an artistic flair, and are happy to showcase their work on our pages. We love inspiring other artists and anyone in similar industries, and showing them that there is no need to be a starving artist any longer!


If you’d like to send in your story or have questions about our website and mission, we’d love to hear from you. It’s vital to understand that our editorial standards are extremely high as we are not simply an ad-based site, offering space for classified ads or commercials. We also only accept stories of companies or individuals who have brought talent and artistry to their craft, rather than stories of how you grew your business, why your processes are superior to competitors, and the like.


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