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Last December, Jonathan Fields interviewed me for the Good Life Project.

If you haven’t tuned into his inspiring series I highly recommend that you do.

You’ll enjoy deep-dive interviews with an amazing group of people who are living “a good life.”

“People who…have more fun, cultivate higher-levels of freedom, touch more lives, leave bigger legacies and, straight up, live better lives.”

After our Good Life Project shoot a number of us gathered for dinner.

During our lively dinner conversation something dawned on.

I felt something shift inside and I realized two things.

1. I am eager to take my art in a new creative direction that is much more grounded in my personal experience and values.

2. But before that, I have to first reach out and speak directly to a much bigger audience of artists to teach them what I have figured out about making art and making money.

So during that dinner last December, I silently made it my mission to eliminate the “starving artist” mythology by helping to empower artists through business savvy.

I was already doing some of this through my weekly blog, Artists Who THRIVE.

But I realized that I want to have a much bigger impact and so I need to reach a bigger audience of artists.

So in 2013, I created MAKING Art Making MONEY, an 8-week, initiate, live, online foundational business course for artists that teaches my 8-step methodology to building a creative enterprise.

This includes the proven process that I followed and that I have successfully taught other artists one on one.

Unlike typical web based tele-seminars, The MAKING Art Making MONEY Course allows a small group of artists, no more than 9, to actually connect with one another because we meets live via Google Hangouts.

Why? Because most artists exist largely in isolation.

I launched the pilot course and it was a great success.

Although The MAKING Art Making MONEY Course pays back significant dividends to those artists who invest in themselves, the course isn’t cheap.

However, I’m still committed to my mission.

So I’ve just partnered with Creative LIVE to offer a FREE two-day live course on March 10th and 11th, that will reach their more than 1 million students worldwide.

If artists can’t make the free live course on March 10th and 11th, they can buy  it at a very reasonable cost and go at it at their own pace.

Craig Swanson, co-founder of Creative LIVE, is very excited about our partnership so we spoke yesterday for quite some time.

It was such a pleasure to connect with Craig and to affirm that we share the same values and core belief.

“Every artist is an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur is an artist.”

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Did you enjoy this article?
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